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10 Years of Bringing You AMAZING Flavors!

Our business structure has changed.  We were once an eliquid manufacturor, but have changed to simply providing flavor concentrates for you to use in a variety of applications!  We are only taking orders through email for now until the economy is kinder, so scroll down to learn how to order from us now!


Please browse our flavor listings, either individually, or feel free to download the master list of flavor profiles linked below.

Email us with the flavor names and sizes, or the PG/VG sizes, that you want and we will email you back with a proper invoice.

Please also include your name and mailing address, and preferably phone number in case there is an issue with your shipment during transit.

Email All Orders To:

How to Order

Simply email us your order and we will email you back with your order total and a payment method!

We are currently only accepting payments through Email Money Transfer, or Paypal.  If we end up liking Wix (the new host) we might transition to using them instead of Shopify as they are more cost effective, but for now it's email orders only!

Simply navigate to the 'Flavor Profiles' and email us the names of the ones you want after you browse, as well as the bottle sizes of each!

IF you want to add PG or VG to your order, just let us know the bottle sizes and amounts that you want.  We will email you back with your total + shipping/tax and a proper invoice for your records.

Citrus Fruits

Featured Concentrates

Evaperated Flavor Concentrates

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