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Okay guys, the time has come to unveil the plan moving forward.
First off, I'd like to make it clear that we do not have any way around this. We are, and have always been, a small family business. We do not have the funding up front, or the ability to move forward (at this time, the future is never set in stone!) with how the new regulations and taxation laws are playing out.
Second, this is the LAST month where things remain as they have always been, we expect to be fairly busy with stock up orders and continuing to prepare for the next phase, so patience and moral support are needed now more than ever ♥
Long story short, Evaperated will not be an eliquid manufacturer anymore as of October 1st, 2022. Evaperated Liquids will be transitioning to Evaperated Flavors in one month!
Yes, Evaperated WILL be moving towards becoming a DIY store, complete with traditional DIY options that will expand over time for those of you that wish to DIY, or use them for baking/candy/drinks, but for those that do not, and for those that want your Evaperated liquid fix, we will have a hybrid option.
Evaperated flavor DIY kits. These kits will come with all you need (other than nicotine, which I will touch below) to simply mix your own 60ml OR 120ml bottles of your favorite Evaperated flavors. Each kit will have mixing instructions, which will also be posted on the website.
These kits will be premade and ready to ship ASAP. NO MORE WAITING!!! They WILL be costing us more in base cost, BUT, because of the nicotine not being included, will be cheaper per kit than you pay now per bottle.
Also, with the way we will be structuring them, you will likely end up with extra flavor you can either use in your own diy mix (lots of you ask for more flavor already! 😊 ) or you can save it up and end up with enough for an extra bottle with our personal mixing ratio. Same with the VG/PG that will be included in the kits 🙂
The bottle you mix all of your ingredients in will be pre-labeled with a new label from 'Evaperated Flavors' so that if you have multiple kits, you will know what flavor eliquid you've mixed up for yourself and not be confused, or have to write on them with sharpies. Still professional looking, just not mixed by us.
As for nicotine, it will have to be sold in a separate section as "20mg per ml flavorless base". We will be offering these in 30ml and 60ml sizes at first, and will likely offer 120ml+ sizes as we get further along. As with the kits, instructions and warnings will come in every package we ship out, and also be included on the website.
Any order with nicotine will still have to be ID'd through the postal service, and WILL have excise tax as it is a vaping product.
This is a HUGE change, and rather than get emotional over stopping something I've poured my heart and soul in to for a decade, I'm looking at it like a positive.
I can focus more on what I started this for... HELPING people.
I hope to grow the DIY section to offer a ton of flavors, premade recipes, instructions and tips etc. for those that either DIY now, or wish to try. And I can still make super easy to use DIY kits for those of you that are going to still want your good ol' Evaperated flavors with no muss or fuss.
Once we have everything ready to go with awesome easy bottles for you guys to use (etc) we will be doing a giveaway so you guys can try them out with your orders.
ALSO, we have been SUPER CRAZY BUSY pre bottling 10 of our top flavors in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg strengths, as well as pre bottling flavorless base, so those and the base will be available still on the store until January 1st. (Anything pre bottled before October 1st can be sold until Januray 1st.)
We are trying to do a hybrid transition so it's not a total shock to our customer base, and, so that you guys have time to try out the DIY kits and offer your feedback, suggestions, questions and concerns before it's a full converted store on January 1st.
I will post more about all of this as I go along this month. Negativity is not needed as it has been incredibly stressful and the future feels uncertain in many ways for us. Stress is at a massive all time high, but again, we are trying to turn it all around in to a positive and do what I have always done best... make yummy flavors and help people as much as I can.
Side note: On October 1st, this Facebook name will change to Evaperated Flavors, the website will change to reflect the new direction as well, and I promise to make it as easy and smooth for you all as I possible can!
We love you, and your support over the years has meant everything to us, and your support now will mean everything x infinity ♥

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