Hannibal Nectar

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FLAVOR PROFILE:  Lemon cookie with icing in the middle and raspberry drizzle on the top. It is semi-sweet, slightly tart and VERY creamy and smooth. There is a LOT of flavor in this guys, so even at a max vg ratio you wont get more than 60% VG in this puppy. However, it has many dripping and sub ohm fans that have zero problems chasing clouds with it.
It puts the liquid in the basket...

Oh my, I thought my lab technicians were slacking lately. It's been a bit quiet these days, and no earth shattering ordeals have happened. I was enjoying the serenity! Even our Resident werewolf, Mr. Pickles, was behaving!

But no. NO, no no. Serenity doesn't last, or is a figment of my imagination I suppose, because BEHOLD, they HAVE been working on something and it is rather disturbing.

It seems they had created some sort of device that completely removes fictional characters from a movie and makes them real. This is extremely dangerous! I mean, it could be fun if they used it to bring a character in to our world that is nice, helpful, a super hero... SOMETHING. ANYTHING but who they chose.

They chose Hannibal Lecter of ALL people. WHY?! WHY DO THEY DO THIS!?

They said they wanted to bring in the 'smartest fictional character they could think of'. I scoffed at their choice. Yes he is smart, but he's BAD smart. He's EVIL smart. NOT GOOD SMART! For crying out loud, this was the worst choice!

So I immediately panicked and asked where they put him. They said they put him in holding cell number 13, which is in between our resident werewolf and Patient 'Zero'.

I walked in to the holding cell wing and immediately heard sounds like slurping, followed by a sinister whisper saying 'Well Mr.Pickles - have the lambs stopped screaming?'

Mr.Pickles started licking his chops at the thought of lambs, and Patient 'Zero' started banging at the glass telling me he wanted a new neighbor.

I walked back to the main laboratory and began demanding answers. They all told me to shut up and try their new serum before I completely fell off of my proverbial wagon. 'What serum!?' I bellowed.

They shoved a bottle of something that smelled remarkable in front of my face. 'THIS one, this serum right here that will cure all homicidal lunatics of their homicidal ways simply by vaping this sweet sweet nectar!'

Skeptical, I grabbed the vial from their hands and vaporized the drops of liquid over a burner, breathing in the steamy sweet deliciousness that came from it.

I suddenly felt calm. Happy. I wanted to run through a field and pick daisies while I sang 'We are the World' at the top of my lungs.

How could I argue with this result? Maybe through bringing a complete madman in to the world they have cured the world's worst problem... violence!

So we all named it together, and Hannibal Nectar was born.

If you want to know what it tastes like, think of those cookies called peek freans (the creamy ones with the red circle of jelly in top) and then imagine one of those in lemon form, with that raspberry punch!

*** Lab Note: This flavor tastes different in a dripper than it does in a tank. In a dripper you will taste more cookie, more lemon and icing/cream. In a tank like an Aspire, you will taste more raspberry and more 'nectar' goodness.

ALL FLAVORS must be diluted before use!

Dilute in your candy or baking mixes, liquid bases, water, or anything else you are creating with them. The flavors on our website are CONCENTRATED.
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