Sinister Grape

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FLAVOR PROFILE:  Sinister Grape is very grape with hints of raspberry and cream. It's sweet and juicy and very smooth. It packs a nice throat hit at 12mg or higher for those of you wanting that throat hit fix.
Everyone loves grapes. That was what my lab techs thought when they started working away trying to come up with a juice that would make every grape lover happy. They toiled away night after night, lab sounds of bubbling beakers and bunsen burners filled the air, as did a sweet sweet aroma of... grapes? Every time I checked in with them, they were hard at work, and this was one that I was very excited to try.

Little did I know they were also playing with, what they call, 'mystery berries'. These were something that they had been growing in secret, and all they would tell me is 'they are good'. I'm not sure if I trust my techs after the werewolf fiasco, but they do manage to come up with some pretty amazing things despite all of the carnage and outbreaks, so mystery berries it was.

FINALLY they brought me a sample. What I saw in the bottle though, was.. well, not sellable. There were little animated grapes inside, angrily trying to get out and do unimaginable things to us all. 

'THIS WILL NOT DO!' I yelled.


The techs snatched the bottle and shrank back to the lab, obviously terrified at my great power and ... I mean, they happily went back to work after I politely, and very diplomatically, asked them to fix the problem.

After a few more days, they brought me the.. um... remains of the violent grapes, all blended in to a smooth and clear grape and 'mystery berry' flavored liquid.

After vaping ten gallons of it all to myself, I decided that this was defiantly an experiment gone right, and I have placed it here for all of you to enjoy... at your own risk.
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