Something Wicked

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FLAVOR PROFILE:  This flavor is one of three of our strawberry type flavors. This is more of a fresh strawberry and cream flavor with a very small hint of custard in the background. This flavor doesn't really like high strengths, so it's best at a 12mg or lower strength.


*hides in a closet full of lab coats and peeks out through the slats*

Oh boy... Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. They've REALLY done it this time! It's one thing to mess around with scientifically injecting (layman's terms) personality traits in to things, but it's completely on another level to inject fruit with malicious feelings.

Yes, I said it. My techs have been injecting FRUIT with MALICE. We now have a rampaging strawberry freely destroying the lab in search of prey. It keeps muttering things about putting us in bowls topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. I think they put some sarcasm sauce in with whatever serum they used for this... experiment.

I can't even ask them what they were thinking because they are all either eaten alive by this crazed and GIANT strawberry, or they are hiding somewhere in the lab.

I can see it's red eyes searching every shadow in there, I can smell it's alluring scent of ripeness which it is, almost effectively, using to bring it's prey out of hiding with an uncontrollable urge to eat it, and then WHAM! BOOM! Strawberry attack!! GONE SCIENTISTS!

I'm not falling for this. I will just stay here in the lab coat ocean and wait for it to either eat itself in to a napping state, or hopefully, until the serum wears off.

If only I could free Mr.Pickles. I TOLD the lab techs to make a remote control for his holding cell, but they didn't want to in case one of them accidentally hit the 'open door' button by accident while it was in a pocket. Apparently they have common sense with everything other than what they are doing for an experiement.

... oh god... it's looking this way...

It's... sniffing? HOW DOES A STRAWBERRY SNIFF THINGS!? This is insanity! It's... licking it's lips? IT HAS LIPS?! This is worse than I thought! I thought it was just somehow absorbing food through it's outer layer somehow, but no... they GAVE IT LIPS! A MOUTH! A NOSE!

That's it, if I get out of here alive and don't become a sundae, I'm going to punish each and every one of my lab techs by spending one entire night alone in the cell with Mr.Pickles! They better hope he's in a good mood!

If anyone is reading this and can get here to save me in time, bring lots of forks! EAT THIS STRAWBERRY! It's ripe, it's delicious and for some reason has a creamy smell. Who can resist a creamy ripe strawberry?!

ALL FLAVORS must be diluted before use!

Dilute in your candy or baking mixes, liquid bases, water, or anything else you are creating with them. The flavors on our website are CONCENTRATED.
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