Payments & Shipping


Payments and Shipping


We are able to accept all major credit cards as well as EMT at this time.

You will be prompted for credit card number etc., during the checkout process and EMT instructions are as follows:

//1.  Email Money Transfers.  These are a COMPLETELY safe and very fast method of payment to our customers.  EMTs are being used more and more by companies and customers in Canada. We do not receive any personal information from your bank account, and the payments are received within one hour after you send it, which allows us to get your order made and shipped as fast as possible.  

If you already use internet banking, or have access to internet banking, this is a great option.

Email Money Transfer instructions:

Send transfer to:
Security Question: what is our business about
Security Answer: flavors

* Log in to your online banking.

* Navigate to the 'transfer/payment' options in the menu, or select 'send an email money transfer'.

* Set up a recipient (this will stay set up once you complete this step for the first time). Specify the recipient's email address, and set up the security question and answer (our information is listed above).

* Type in amount to send (amount that will be invoiced to your email address as soon as you complete this order)

We offer a $10 flat shipping fee for orders above $30 and under $70, and free shipping for orders over $70. (unless the order is over 5lbs, in which case shipping will be based on weight) 
Orders under $30 will pay $15 for regular shipping due to shipping costs being so high, and we DO eat a lot of the cost to offer flat rates.
In Canada, this shipping will be regular shipping for both the $10 shipping and the free shipping, and it will be regular shipping for outside of Canada.  

Express shipping options are available for orders under $70, but will cost more.  There is no free express shipping unless we go over your promised processing time quote that is sent to you in your confirmation email, at which point upgraded express shipping will be on us (Canada only)
For shipping wait times, please carefully read your confirmation email after you place your order.  Generally it's 1-2 business days after order's day of placement/payment.

(Please note:  while we transition to our new business model, and while we are offering premixed liquids, the processing times will vary.  If we go over a 5 business day processing time between October 1st 2022 and January 1st 2023, we will upgrade to express for you.  After January 1st 2023, it will be 1-2 business days as stated above this note)
Thank you,
Evaperated Flavors