Blue Sky, Bitch!

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FLAVOR PROFILE:  BSB is best described as a 'blue freezie' flavor, or a blow pop as some have stated. Blue Raspberry, sweet and tart with hints of apple. 
REGULATION UPDATE:  Blue Sky, Bitch! can no longer be blue in color.  SAME flavor you've come to love, just no aesthetic blue coloring.


We have created a liquid to pay our respect to one of the best shows that has ever aired on television. Our Blue Sky, Bitch should be a pretty obvious double reference to any fan of the show, but just in case you've never seen it... well here's the reason it's named this. Blue Sky is one of the names of the meth that Walt and Jesse made in the show. The 'bitch' part is sort of Jesse's word. It's hard to explain unless you've seen him say it, but he just says bitch so well. Basically watch the television show, bitch! (heheeeee) 

All of the scientists in the lab were a bit annoyed making this one. They were ticked off by the lack of viral content, mad that we were not about to launch a juice that could cause zombie outbreaks or result in some sort of catastrophe of some kind. I had to sedate them by making them have several Breaking Bad marathons, but the result of that was every time I walk by they all say 'biiiiiiiiiiiiitchhhhhhhhhhhh' in a low voice. I would consider that rude, and fire them, but dammit, how can I be mad at being called bitch in honour of Jesse? I can't. So they stay, and they work... they just work a bit harder now :) 

Blue Sky, Bitch! Is a sweet and sour, ever changing in your mouth flavour. Sometimes the sweet will hit you, other times the sour, and sometimes it's actually well blended and becomes just a bit tart with just a pinch of sweet for balance. 

It's raspberry and sour apple with quite a few other notes hiding just beneath the surface to help with the changing flavour profile on your palette. We really wanted this flavour to be addictive, just for that extra something that keeps it true to it's name.
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