Mana Biscuit

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FLAVOR PROFILE:  Semi-sweet cinnamon sugar cookie that is extremely smooth and silky to vape. If you are worried about cinnamon flavors, don't! This one is very well blended and the cinnamon is more like a back note that really doesn't take center stage. It's more noticeable at higher watts, but never becomes overpowering and it has no throat hit at lower strengths.  One of our signature flavors!


Once upon a time there was a dusty old cookie jar sitting on top of a dusty old shelf, in a dusty old room at the top of a dusty old wizard's tower. 

One day, a little dragon flew in to the window at the top of this tower, and he thought to himself, 'wow... a cookie jar... there MUST be cookies in there!', and he grabbed the jar and flew away with it, eager to break in and see what was inside.

This dragon happened to land in our lab when we had the windows open. He crashed in, landed on the floor and the cookie jar went flying across the room. We were all startled. A DRAGON, a real dragon had come to visit us. The poor thing looked startled and afraid, and his little nostrils were smoking. 

'THERE IS A VERY STRICT NO SMOKING POLICY HERE SIR!' yelled one of my lab techs at this little creature. The dragon backed up, and spread his wings as if he was about to fly off. Me, being a quick thinker, lunged for the cookie jar and offered it to him as a peace offering. I didn't think it would work, but dragons must really love cookies because he came walking over and snatched the jar from my hands. He took the jar to the corner of the room and started to eat every cookie inside.

We decided to make a juice flavour in his honor, because those must have been some AMAZING cookies. 

Mana Biscuit is a cinnamon sugar cookie flavour with hints of vanilla. It is smooth and relaxing, and smells delicious when vaped!

(No dragons were harmed in the making of this juice. The little guy pays us regular visits, bringing us all sorts of treats and trinkets he has found scattered around some magical realm he lives in)

ALL FLAVORS must be diluted before use!

Dilute in your candy or baking mixes, liquid bases, water, or anything else you are creating with them. The flavors on our website are CONCENTRATED.
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