Salty Frosty's Breath

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FLAVOR PROFILE:  Basically heaven in a bottle. It is cold, it is candy cane, it is slight chocolate. It is like drinking a candy cane hot chocolate or sucking on an after eight mint. If you are scared of mints or menthols I STILL recommend this one to try at least once. Many have found their long lost ADV in this flavor, myself included.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the lab,

Not a creature was stirring, except for McNab.

McNab is a tech that likes to run tests,

Weird, scary or odd, he tries to impress.

However, this night while it was snowing,

He got a thought in his head from the chilly winds blowing.

'A SNOWMAN IN A BOTTLE!' he thought to himself,

He threw on his coat, grabbed bottles from the shelf.

Out in to the night, he fled like a shadow,

Grabbing snow from far corners of a meadow.

Upon returning, he toiled through the night,

No one around, not another tech in sight.

The essence of winter was perfected by morning,

'Frosty's Breath' he whispered just before he started snoring.


A very cold, very candy cane, very minty and VERY fresh flavor with just a -hint- of chocolate way in the back that reminds me just slightly of minty hot chocolate on the exhale. However, the candy cane is prominent, but we don't do basic very well. This flavor, like all of our others, is complimented nicely by undertones of that 'something else' that keeps you guessing.

ALL FLAVORS must be diluted before use!

Dilute in your candy or baking mixes, liquid bases, water, or anything else you are creating with them. The flavors on our website are CONCENTRATED.
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